Sunday, February 10, 2008


Greetings Pioneers~!
Guys and Girls,
Dolls and Caths,
Spams and Notifications....

It's another sunny day in Opresia and the Notifications are spamming as the microphones are running out as players broadcast to GMs that they need help with the notifications spamming that is causing server lag and everything.

I'm trying not to touch the Game at the moment, since the lag is killing everyone in not only Opresia, but all 4 servers AND channels. A new player, my friend, went to Reboldeux's Stone Pit, and guess what, boom~dead~spam~lag and purple notifications EVERYWHERE, want a preview?
Here you go :

(Picture from the official forums)
I Hope the spam is OUTTTT

P.S. I Love You..who?

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