Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Sunshine!

OH EM GEE!! Part II : Summer Sunshine
I have just received several other swimsuits for RNPCS from doratomo! Vincente's costume is sweet, the vest is really hot and he is so buff <3. Adelina is sexy in gold, representing her pirate background. Grace in her crimson and gray bikini, similar to the female scout. Clare has a costume similar to her alternate costume, with layered skirts and a black see-through skirt inside. Sexy!

Tomorrow i will be posting more swimsuits -- of Selva with her robotic arm.

you know you love me,
gossip girl.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Swimsuits!

I just received news from about the recently released swimsuits from kGE. These are some of the pictures i have gotten, as they are not yet posted on their site. There are currently four known swimsuits for; Gavin, Emilia, FengLing, and Bai Hu. I hope our friend doratomo will send us more previews!
Here they are :

you know you love me,
gossip girl.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Granado Espada : 3.0

This post marks as my return.

So, many of you probably have heard about the 3.0 Patch that is released in kGE already. I will give everyone a brief information about the patch. Let's start off with the new area.

The new area is called Errac.
This area is probably inspired by the Aztec and Maya themes with touches of Egyptian patterns, as seen with the pyramids and the costumes. Here are some screenshots featuring the new area.

Next, are the new weapons. There are several new weapons in 3.0. These are named from constellations and signs. I think the weapons are probably veteran or expert. From left to right; The Purity of Aldebaran, The Shrewd of Altair, The Impulse of Algedi, The Passion of Regulas and the Tempest of Aquarius. The weapons look pretty decent...

Oh, the 3.0 video is GREAT too, i am so inlove with the queen or priestess who blessed her army.
I am waiting this one, the costumes! The costumes have pimary colors, blue red and yellow, which is tropical. The costumes are called "The Luxury". They look promising, here are some of the costumes, including Emilia and Grace's "Cool Summer" costumes.

There are two versions, one high-res and one lower...accidently uploaded both.

Ooh, and there are two new RNPCs/UPCs. They are Ania and Nar. These are confirmed kGE names. Ania is a twin-winged blade dagger knife thing user, and Nar is a big fat spear polearm user. Here are pretty screenshots of them. Oh, they are predicted to be lovers, too. Awww, how cute.

Thank you for reading!
I will post more, and a new surprise for readers! Well, for me.

you know you love me,
gossip girl

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The thing about the Tag.

Well....i guess i need to show my desktop?

I mean ~ Don't ask :P And i did make the fugly wallpaper myself.
ATM i'm working on a short music video called Lady Marmalade
Also, a quote i love

And, a preview of my upcoming characters - Cecili Andrei and Alicia LeGrand.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Introducing : Helena Mendes

Greetings Pioneers of the New World!

I want to introduce you to Helena Mendes, a new UPC/NPC I created and visualized.
The picture below is made by me using Photoshop using stock images of characters and costumes found in a Japanese Fan Website. Please Full View.

Helena Mendes
Sage of the Blades

STR: 7
AGI: 5
CON: 5
DEX: 6
INT: 7
CHA: 3

Initial Level : 56
Personal/Inborn Skill :

Background Story :
Helena Mendes was a orphan girl who got adopted by a noble family. Helena was interested in magic when she was young, but her parents gave her fencing and sword lessons. When she grew older, she found her special talents in using magic and her powers to levitate. Helena Mendes now fuses the powers of swords and magic together. Helena is a great fencer and wizard. Helena now reside in Cite de Reboldoeux.

The Illusionist
Mago de la Espada [ Unique Stance ]
Dos Puntos [ Unique Stance ]
Puntos Espada [ Unique Stance ]

You should be familiar with the stances Escrima, Levitation and The Illusionist now, so i won't explain them to you. However, Helena Mendes has three special stances, Mago de la Espada, which traslates to Magician of Swords. Her other stance is Dos Puntos, which translates to Two Points, where she uses a new weapon called the Puntos and Puntos Encantars. The Puntos Espada stance doesn't differ much from the Dos Puntos stance, but she uses only one of the Puntos.

Top to bottom; Punto, Puntos Encantar, Dos Puntos.
Punto means "Point" and Dos means "Two" while Encantar means "Enchanted"

Mago de la Espada

Let's start with the Mago de la Espada stance. This stance fuses the Wizard's ESP stance with the Escrima and Sword stances. Belleza Roza which means Beautiful Slash is her first skill gained at level 1 stance. Maravillosa, which means Wonderful, is a self-buff that she will gain at level 4 stance. Next, the Energetic Strike, which is a ranged attack can be gained at level 8 of the stance. Finally, Moda de Ataque, which means Fashionable Attack, will join the Belleza Roza and Energetic Strike together, causing a AOE skill.

Belleza Roza [Level 1 Stance]
Maravillosa [Level 4 Stance]
Energetic Strike [Level 8 Stance]
Moda de Ataque [Level 16 Stance]

Weapon for Stance : Puntos Encantar [ Magical Puntos ]

Belleza Roza
SP : 35 Item : None Cooldown : 2 Seconds
Attacks enemy with a Punto, causing a knockdown and deals damage.
Level 1 : 3m Knockdown, 200% Damage
Level 2 : 3m Knockdown, 250% Damage
Level 3 : 3m Knockdown, 300% Damage
Level 4 : 3m Knockdown, 350% Damage
Level 5 : 3m Knockdown, 400% Damage
Level 6 : 5m Knockdown, 450% Damage
Level 7 : 5m Knockdown, 500% Damage
Level 8 : 5m Knockdown, 550% Damage
Level 9 : 5m Knockdown, 600% Damage
Level 10 : 5m Knockdown, 650% Damage

SP : 50 Item : Magical Orb 1 Piece Cooldown : 17 Seconds +5 Seconds Each Level
Buff self with attack speed and movement speed for a period of time
Level 1 : 20% Attack Speed, 20% Movement Speed/10 Seconds
Level 2 : 23% Attack Speed, 25% Movement Speed/15 Seconds
Level 3 : 26% Attack Speed, 30% Movement Speed/20 Seconds
Level 4 : 29% Attack Speed, 35% Movement Speed/25 Seconds
Level 5 : 32% Attack Speed, 40% Movement Speed/30 Seconds
Level 6 : 35% Attack Speed, 45% Movement Speed/35 Seconds
Level 7 : 38% Attack Speed, 50% Movement Speed/40 Seconds
Level 8 : 41% Attack Speed, 55% Movement Speed/45 Seconds
Level 9 : 43% Attack Speed, 60% Movement Speed/50 Seconds
Level 10 : 46% Attack Speed, 65% Movement Speed/55 Seconds

Energetic Strike
SP : 35 Item : Magical Orb 2 pieces Cooldown : 5 Seconds
Attacks enemy with a magical energy ball. Deals damage and may cause Ritardi.
Level 1 : 300% Damage, 5% Ritardi
Level 2 : 350% Damage, 7% Ritardi
Level 3 : 450% Damage, 9% Ritardi
Level 4 : 550% Damage, 12% Ritardi
Level 5 : 650% Damage, 14% Ritardi
Level 6 : 750% Damage, 16% Ritardi
Level 7 : 850% Damage, 18% Ritardi
Level 8 : 950% Damage, 20% Ritardi
Level 9 : 1000% Damage, 22% Ritardi
Level 10 : 1050% Damage, 24% Ritardi

Moda de Ataque
SP : 150 Item : Magical Orb 2 pieces, Elemental Orb 2 pieces Cooldown : 20 Seconds
Embraces the punto with a magical power which provokes oppoents around, and then the punto will perform a area of effect damage.
Level 1 : 300% Damage/5m
Level 2 : 350% Damage/5m
Level 3 : 450% Damage/5m
Level 4 : 550% Damage/6m
Level 5 : 650% Damage/6m
Level 6 : 750% Damage/6m
Level 7 : 850% Damage/7m
Level 8 : 950% Damage/7m
Level 9 : 1000% Damage/7m
Level 10 : 1050% Damage/8m

Dos Puntos

The next stance, Dos Puntos, is a stance that allows you to use a Dos Puntos, or a twin-bladed Punto. The stance is a full melee stance. This stance includes four skills. The first skill, Rose de la Muerte, or Rose of Death, is a attack in which Helena will quickly attack, this skilled is gained at the stance level 1. The next skill is Doble Ataque which translates to Double Attack, Helena will attack the same enemy for two times. The next skill is Backstab. This skill Helena will slowly deal alot of damage to a selected enemy. The last skill is Levitating Strike which deals alot of damage to many enemies.

Rose de la Muerte [Level 1 Stance]
Doble Ataque [Level 4 Stance]
Backstab [Level 8 Stance]
Levitating Strike [Level 16 Stance]

Weapon for Stance : Dos Puntos

Rose de la Muerte
SP : 50 Item : None Cooldown : 4 Seconds
Quickly stabs a enemy, but will lose some accuracy.
Level 1 : 300% Damage
Level 2 : 350% Damage
Level 3 : 400% Damage
Level 4 : 450% Damage
Level 5 : 500% Damage
Level 6 : 550% Damage
Level 7 : 600% Damage
Level 8 : 650% Damage
Level 9 : 700% Damage
Level 10 : 750% Damage

Doble Ataque
SP : 65 Item : None Cooldown : 15 Seconds
Stabs a enemy two times, dealing a heavy degree of damage.
Level 1 : 690% Damage
Level 2 : 790% Damage
Level 3 : 890% Damage
Level 4 : 990% Damage
Level 5 : 1090% Damage
Level 6 : 1800% Damage
Level 7 : 1890% Damage
Level 8 : 1980% Damage
Level 9 : 2070% Damage
Level 10 : 2160% Damage

SP : 100 Item : None Cooldown : 20 Seconds
Slowly attacks a enemy. Deals heavy damage, But has a chance to miss
Level 1 : 700% Damage, 10% miss
Level 2 : 800% Damage, 9% miss
Level 3 : 900% Damage, 8% miss
Level 4 : 1000% Damage, 7% miss
Level 5 : 1100% Damage, 6% miss
Level 6 : 1200% Damage, 5% mis
Level 7 : 1300% Damage, 4% miss
Level 8 : 1400% Damage, 3% miss
Level 9 : 1500% Damage, 2% miss
Level 10 : 1600% Damage, 0% miss

Levitating Strike
SP : 125 Item : Magical Orb 2 pieces Cooldown : 22 Seconds
Helena will be levitated and quickly attack a small group of enemies
Level 1 : 300% Damage/1m
Level 2 : 350% Damage/1m
Level 3 : 400% Damage/1m
Level 4 : 450% Damage/1m
Level 5 : 500% Damage/2m
Level 6 : 550% Damage/2m
Level 7 : 600% Damage/2m
Level 8 : 650% Damage/2m
Level 9 : 700% Damage/3m
Level 10 : 750% Damage/3m

Puntos Espada

The last stance, Puntos Espada, is a stance in which Helena uses a single sides Punto to attack her enemies. This stance is similar to the Escrima stance. The first skill is the Scrag skill, which is in the Escrima stance already. The second skill is the Heart Jab, which is also in the Escrima stance. The third skill is a unique skill called Arpia Scratch, which translates into Harpy's Scratch. The final skill, Juno's Celos which means Hera's Jealousy deals damage in a straight line.

Scrag [Level 1 Stance - Escrima Stance]
Heart Jab [Level 4 Stance - Escrima Stance]
Arpia Scratch [Level 8 Stance]
Juno's Celos [Level 16 Stance]

Weapon for Stance : Puntos

Arpia Scratch
SP : 50 Item : None Cooldown : 3 Seconds
Attacks enemy in short range. Has a percentage to attack nearby enemies.
Level 1 : 200% Damage, 10%
Level 2 : 300% Damage, 15%
Level 3 : 400% Damage, 20%
Level 4 : 500% Damage, 25%
Level 5 : 600% Damage, 30%
Level 6 : 700% Damage, 35%
Level 7 : 800% Damage, 40%
Level 8 : 900% Damage, 45%
Level 9 : 1000% Damage, 50%
Level 10 : 1100% Damage, 55%

Juno's Celos
SP : 50 Item : None Cooldown : 7 Seconds
Attacks enemies in a line.
Level 1 : 330% Damage, 4 Enemies
Level 2 : 440% Damage, 4 Enemies
Level 3 : 550% Damage, 5 Enemies
Level 4 : 660% Damage, 5 Enemies
Level 5 : 770% Damage, 6 Enemies
Level 6 : 880% Damage, 6 Enemies
Level 7 : 990% Damage, 7 Enemies
Level 8 : 1110% Damage, 7 Enemies
Level 9 : 1220% Damage, 8 Enemies
Level 10 : 1330% Damage, 8 Enemies

Woo! Finally, with the effort and everything. Quest will come later. Please do comment on the skills, stats, story, stance, everything

-Scarlette ^^

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Greetings Pioneers~!
Guys and Girls,
Dolls and Caths,
Spams and Notifications....

It's another sunny day in Opresia and the Notifications are spamming as the microphones are running out as players broadcast to GMs that they need help with the notifications spamming that is causing server lag and everything.

I'm trying not to touch the Game at the moment, since the lag is killing everyone in not only Opresia, but all 4 servers AND channels. A new player, my friend, went to Reboldeux's Stone Pit, and guess what, boom~dead~spam~lag and purple notifications EVERYWHERE, want a preview?
Here you go :

(Picture from the official forums)
I Hope the spam is OUTTTT

P.S. I Love You..who?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Barbie Girl is Up!

Back again.
Finally, done with the video. May have several edits or changes later.

Cast : Callister, Folk, BunWai, and the most important - myself.

With love,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Leveling the lowbies

I should be leveling my lowbies, but i'm posting. Anyway, my team lowbie team now; Scarlette the Pyromentalist, Scarla the About-to-fly Wizard, and Emilia the Fashionable. Too bad my version of the game doesn't have Emilia the Sage. Darn....

Yes i wanna be pretty like the elementalist..warlock ^-^

More random in-game shots... Be prepared for random screenies....

:) See you later pioneers!!...if anyone actually reads this...



Greetings and salutations!

I have created a new blog. :). I'm a Sword of the New World (aka Granado Espada) player. Call me Scarlette. I'm a girl. blogger. game addict. writer. I made this blog to dedicate it to my family in SotnW, the Family of Eszposito. :). I got inspired to make this blog by Ninemoons family in the Granado Espada version. :)

Stay tuned to my posts. :)

- Scarlie